Dead Orchids at the Goosetown Tavern – 01/03/2015

DeadOrchids01Last night, my wife and I (Plume Varia) had the chance to share the stage with the ever dark, driving and delightful Dead Orchids. They call themselves ‘Psychedelic Gothic Soul Rock’ and I have to say, that is a pretty much spot on.  Thick, driving beats teamed with gorgeous, rich bass lines, the songs move forward with steadfast conviction as they carry soulful vocals across a bed of beautifully layered keys and guitar.  They also play a very unique deconstructed drum setup that is both visually interesting and rhythmically refreshing.

Last night was a show in support of a single (called ‘(W)eights’) that they just released.  They currently are slated for a new full release this March.  If you have not yet heard of the Dead Orchids, familiarize yourself soon.

Dead Orchids –

Download the new single here –