Church Fire at the Toad Tavern – 01/09/15

Church Fire 01

When I walk into a suburban bar that has live music, I pretty much assume that I am in for a raucous Toby Keith cover or maybe a lively classic rock medley.  What I don’t expect to see is one of Denver’s best experimental/electronic projects putting on a powerful, engaging and highly energetic set.

That’s exactly what I came into last night when I went to watch Church Fire play at the Toad Tavern.  Shannon and David of Church Fire put on one of the most entertaining live sets I’ve seen from a local band in quite some time.  David looms, hunched over samplers and synths, literally shrouded in mystery while Shannon delivers haunting vocals and melodic synth additions all the while navigating the stage with incredible energy.  Church Fire’s music is dark, powerful and infectious on its own, however their performance elevates that music to an entirely new level.  They are definitely worth the trip to go see them live…even if that trip is to the burbs.

Church Fire –

Church Fire will be performing next at the Walnut Room in Denver on 1/15/2015

Church Fire 02