I Sank Molly Brown at the The Marquis Theater – 01/17/15


“I’m kind of obsessed with I Sank Molly Brown lately“.  A good friend said these words to me a few months ago.  Anytime music is powerful enough to take a hold of somebody like that…to consume them even for a short period of time…you should take note.  Shortly after my friend’s endorsement, an opportunity came up for my other band (Cougar Gold) to hop on a bill with them at The Marquis Theater.  We jumped at the opportunity.

Their set was nothing short of spectacular.  These three gentlemen have a chemistry amongst them that just permeates through every measure they play.  I’ve seen several bands do the thing where they switch up instruments every other song.  Usually I think it ends up being a disjointed mistake.  Not with ISMB.  They flow perfectly between their musical roles and each are dynamic to the point that you find yourself struggling to decide which member to focus on at any given point.  Each of their respective playing styles are unique as well.  While one’s bass or guitar work is locked and rhythmic, the other’s is more fluid and melodic.  But yet, they bring this beautiful cohesiveness to the entire set that honestly shouldn’t exist.  This is where that chemistry comes into play I suspect.  It’s something you can’t teach.  It’s something you can’t learn.  However it is something that I Sank Molly Brown is well on their way to perfecting.

I Sank Molly Brown – isankmollybrown.bandcamp.com

ISMB will be performing next at The Syntax Physic Opera in Denver on 2/27/15