Snake Rattle Rattle Snake at Larimer Lounge – 01/30/2015


As stated before, I am an addict when it comes to the drug of local, independent music.  I love it all, from the garage bands that barely anybody will ever hear of to the super hip bands that everybody wants to be seen seeing.  But there is one pretty common truth in the world of local music.  The vast majority of all of these bands will never break out nationally.  And I mean, there is nothing wrong with that.  Many aren’t even trying for that.  But it’s a prevailing reality that does exist.  Out of any local scene, there are only ever a small handful of bands that have a real shot at breaking and becoming truly…big.

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake is, in my opinion, the Denver band right now that has the most potential to do exactly that.

Their set last night (1/30/15) at Larimer Lounge was nothing short of inspired perfection.  Rolling and inventive bass-lines dancing effortlessly with heavy, dark, rich, and tribal-like beats provide a warm, plush bed for the atmospheric synth work and stirring shoe-gazey guitar layers.  Guiding the journey is the beautifully haunting and enigmatic vocal stylings of Hayley Helmericks, who has pretty much mastered what it means to take ownership of a stage and command a room.  As both a fan and a fellow musician, I left the Larimer following their set feeling energetic and inspired.

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake –

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