Sunboy at Hodi’s Half Note – 03/08/2015

IMG_5585 This past weekend we played a set of shows with some of the best bands and nicest people in town.  Sunboy from Denver was one of them.  We played up at Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins Sunday.  While pretty well established and loved here in Denver, this was actually their debut show in Fort Collins.

Sunboy delivered an exciting, fresh and confident set.  This band is so interesting because really, they are defying genre without even trying.  Their music is psychedelic, but they are not just a psych band.  They incorporate electronics, yet they are not an electronic band.  Their songs are groove heavy and as catchy as a Katy Perry tune (say what you will…you know KP is infectious), but they go far beyond standard definitions of pop.

One of the best parts of playing live music is that you get to meet so many amazing other artists.  You get to not only connect and network but also, on a pure and raw level…you get to tap into that innermost level of music fandom by constantly getting exposed to new bands and sounds.  It is meeting and hearing bands like Sunboy for the very first time that help to solidify what is that is so good about this world of independent music.

Sunboy –

Sunboy will be performing next at the Larimer Lounge on March 25th