Something different this fine Friday. Denver math rockers Montoneros today release their new single, Bikini Largo, which you can hear below. Man, this song lifted me out of a pit of musical boredom. I get that way sometimes … everything starts to sound the same.

But math rock’s another critter. You can’t casually listen to a song like this. For starters, it’s sung in Spanish (LOVE IT), and its time signatures are too shifty to just bob along. Jazzy syncopation. Rhythm leads where it’s led. The song has a killer beach vibe, but the lyrics belie any sunshine.

hipocrita / hypocrite
eso gritaste / that’s what you screamed
que ansieda / this anxiety
segui de largo / i went too far …


This is an exciting time to catch on to Montoneros: Gastón Leone (voice, guitar), Logan Boyd (guitar), Brandon Brook (drums) and Jeremy Crawley (bass, voice). Last year’s debut album, “If You Think You’re In The Wrong Place, You’re Probably Here,” was voted one of year’s best by Westword Magazine.

I’m just getting into Montoneros’ music, but what I’ve heard so far is completely refreshing me as the doldrums of summer threaten to put me into a musical coma. This isn’t quite the right comparison to make, but the feeling is something like the first time I heard The Mars Volta. Totally intrigued, completely engaged.

Check out Montoneros at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase on Sunday, July 26th, 9 p.m., at Moe’s BBQ. Until then, if you’ve got 69 cents burning a hole in your pocket, buy Bikini Largohere and let your new jam begin.

July 17th

-Darren Thornberry