UMS 2015 – Day 1

UMS 2015 is here!  The challenge with this amazing episode is of course trying to fit in all that you want to see.  You are trying to balance between supporting those bands you already know and love and catching the sets of bands you’ve never seen before or even that you’ve never heard of.

My time at this great festival is no exception, and that couldn’t please me more. Here are the artists that I caught on night one of the Underground Music Showcase.

LZRWLF – This is my first time catching LZRWLF and they were the perfect way to kick off my personal UMS season.  They are beautiful dance pop that calls back to some of our favorite classic new wave but yet puts forth a groove and style of their own.  IMG_7030

For Keeps – I’ve written about and have seen For Keeps before but that wasn’t going to stop me from swinging by the set of these wonderful people.  Fun, infectious pop that will absolutely force you to start tapping those toes.  Go ahead, try to sit still during their set.  It’s not happening.  Plus, this was also a celebration of the release of their new single, “No Left Behinds”.  Congratulations to them!  IMG_7050

Qbala – I have heard about Qbala for a long time now but have actually never had the chance to see a set.  This was the one show of the night that I was determined not to miss.  I was not disappointed.  Qbala is now listed in my brain as one of the best local hip hop artists in Denver.   Her flow and energy are driving, authoritative and yet often playful and fun.  Also, I am not sure who produces the beats that Qbala delivers her gold over, but they are absolutely stunning compilations of groove, melody and production.  IMG_7049

Strawberry Runners – I’ve had the lovely chance to meet Strawberry Runners before and had the opportunity to see them soundcheck, but this was my first time actually being able to watch them in full action.  With thoughtful harmonies and glistening, light, and floating melodies, Strawberry Runners produce beautiful music.  They have been getting some enthusiastic attention this year and it is 100% deserved.  I expect to see them continue to rise amongst the ranks here in Denver music.IMG_7062