Behind The Scene Episode 7 – Jeremy Messersmith (Singer-Songwriter)

There have been gigs that I have walked into and I was like ‘this is a Kobayashi Maru, this is a NO-win scenario.’

Jeremy Messersmith is a singer-songwriter from MN that I have followed for many years now, ever since first hearing his sophomore album Silver City back when I lived in MN and he was a rising local act.  Signing to Glassnote Records (Mumford and Sons, CHVRCHES), appearing on Letterman, NPR, and touring Europe, Jeremy has been gaining some substantial national attention the past couple of years.

One thing that has always set Jeremy apart was his strong DIY ethos and his direct connection with his fans.  An early adopter of social media outlets for music, live streaming, and pay what you want models for his self released material; Jeremy has established himself as an inventive and dedicated working musician.

“There has never been a better time to be a working musician”

Listen above as Jeremy and I discuss his musical beginnings, his religious upbringing and later distancing from, early recording techniques, his dedicated efforts to get his music out into the world, the importance of creating your own demand, and his unique take on touring and the house show.