Behind The Scene Episode 8 – Reason The Citizen (Denver Rapper/MC)

There is an alarming lack of honesty….an alarming lack of stepping outside of the box in music, especially in rap.

Reason The Citizen is a Denver-by-way-of-San Diego rapper that I’ve followed since I first caught his captivating Westword Music Showcase set 3 years ago.  Growing up in San Diego, Richard John Martinelli found himself immersed in Skate and Hip Hop culture.  Paired with an introduction to a speaking and debate club in High School he suddenly realized that he had a love for linguistics and wordplay that would come to define his art.

Listen above as we discuss Reason’s navigation through both the San Diego and Denver hip hop scenes.  We also talk some of the differences between the hip hop and rock scenes, opening for larger acts (NAS, Mac Miller, Macklemore, Ghostface Killah), knowing when to move to a new city/market in order to open up opportunities, and how having a child impacts your drive and decisions when it comes to your craft.  Reason also gives some excellent advice to up and coming artists about maintaining confidence and going after what it is you want.