Behind The Scene Episode 9 – Virgil Dickerson (Label Owner, Talent Buyer, Marketing Director)

I’d go play pinball while Jimmy Eat World played…I remember one time telling those guys ‘you’re pretty good…for an emo band’

When starting this podcast, I created a list.  The list was of potential guests and Virgil was at the top of it.  Virgil Dickerson is the definitive “local music guy”.  From fanzines to labels to talent buying to collectives, Virgil has had his touch on the Denver music scene since the early 90’s.

The ultimate enthusiast, Virgil is the guy who everybody wants to know and who is happy to know everybody.  I sat with him to talk about his early days starting a fanzine (that would ultimately turn into a label and distribution center, Suburban Home), to working with Illegal Pete’s and getting in on the ground floor of Denver’s emerging comedy scene.

I got a degree in Molecular Biology.  I worked in a lab for a year and hated every minute of my life

Virgil and Illegal Pete’s are celebrating their 20th anniversary with an amazing show at the historic Red Rocks Amplitheater!  With Lucero, Built To Spill, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats and Adam Cayton-Holland, this will be one for the books.

You can (and should) purchase tickets for this amazing celebration here:

The song for this episode was by the lovely Denver band Land Lines, whom both Virgil and I are huge fans of.  It’s a wonderful song called Etiquette off of their latest album The Natural World.  Go check it out now!


Virgil is convincing me of the value of a good Whiskey