Behind The Scene Episode 10 – Altas (Instrumental Rock)

One of the first tapes I bought was that Billy Ocean tape…from a bootlegger in Juarez.

The first time I saw Altas live was at UMS in 2014.  They had Eslinger Gallery filled to the walls with fog, lights and fans.  I was a bit under the influence but determined to check out this band that I’ve heard several references to being amazing.  I parked up in the front row and allowed myself to be assaulted with the creative and infectious energy that is this amazing instrumental band.  Towards the end of their set…the power to the building blew.  In an instant we went from soaring musical emotion to darkness and silence.  If this were to happen during any other band’s set, it would have been seen as an unfortunate interruption.  With Altas, it was an ending dramatic enough to match the powerful theater of their live show.  They have been one of my Denver favorites ever since.

So it was just a matter of time before I had Altas over on the patio for a chat.  We talked about their wonderful and rich histories in music.  We discussed scene building, the importance of work ethic and working through one’s own musical insecurities.  We also talked about the work that went into their wonderful debut album released last year, Epoca De Bestias, released on Sailor Records.

Altas is one of the busiest bands in town.  If you haven’t seen them live you absolutely must correct that soon.  Consumate performers, Altas is known (and for good reason) for their engaging, powerful and theatrical live set.