Behind The Scene Episode 10 – Church Fire (Noise Pop, Experimental)

 I think both of us are kind of extreme people, it’s kind of all or nothing…we also embody that in our music…finding balance in the vacillation of extremes. 

Church Fire is an experimental noise pop duo from here in Denver. Musically, they are groove centered but dark, melodic but also heavy and driving.  It’s music that you can both happily dance or angrily mosh to.  It is these very juxtapositions that have come to define not only their sound but the core of what this duo is about; the balance of extremes.

I had them on the patio this week to talk about this balance as well as a fascinating array of other topics that go into the story of Church Fire.  We talk drug abuse, suicide, social justice, relationships, putting your whole self into performances and much much more.

Listen above and if you do nothing else…make sure you go see this couple live.

Church Fire will be performing this Thursday at Syntax Physic Opera as well as Saturday October 3rd as part of this years Titwrench Festival being held at Dryer Plug Studios in Lakewood.