Behind The Scene Episode 12 – Ben Desoto (Talent Buyer, Label Manager, Musician)

…apparently his thing is, he always pees himself when he drinks too much.  So I had to throw away a couch after that night….it was marinated.

When entering the Denver music scene, Ben Desoto becomes one of the first names that you memorize.  As a talent buyer for the Hi-Dive, Ben is the gatekeeper for one of Denver’s most important venues.  That alone would put him as one of the most important members of this music scene, but in addition he is also a drummer with the very popular bands Ark Life and Porlolo, and then most recently he started working as a label manager for the local record label, Greater Than Collective.

I sat down with Ben to talk through his impressively rich history in music.  From his start in Jersey, through navigating the music rich Portland, to helping to build a music scene from the ground up in Denver; Ben has built himself an impressive career/life in independent music.  Listen to the chat above and of course subscribe directly in Itunes or via RSS.