Behind The Scene Episode 14 – Flobots (Alternative Hip Hop)

I don’t know how he got it, but if I gave him $4, this kid that lived on the north side of Denver would bring me this one GI Joe figure.  Like, he didn’t have a file card, I didn’t know who the fuck he was.  He was just this blue dude with that regular effeminate face.

If you listened to music in 2008, you have heard of the Flobots.  They struck a perfect chord with their hit song “Handlebars”, catching the attention of labels, radio stations and promoters across the country.  Propelled into the throws of traditional music industry definitions of “success”, Flobots have experienced all that most musicians sit and only dream about.

But what is almost more impressive is how they moved forward after.  After the fame, after the limelight, after their second album did not perform as well as their first, they parted ways with their label.  It’d be easy for any band to become jaded and cynical but they did exactly the opposite.  The Flobots became energized to reconnect to what drove them forward in the first place, their devotion to community outreach and activism through music.

Listen above as we discuss their extraordinarily rich histories including of course the full story of their explosion onto the national stage, their dedication to their principles throughout, Jonny 5’s past love of Willie Nelson and Milli Vanilli; and Brer Rabbit being too timid to sing around his own family.

Support Flobot’s non-profit Youth on Record!

Support Flobot’s next album!  They are raising money via Kickstarter to bring you a brand new LP, due to be named “No Enemies”.  

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