Behind The Scene Episode 16 – My Body Sings Electric (Indie-Alt Rock)

It was the cheesiest thing ever but in the lyrics, I’m asking her to be my girlfriend…I sit down on her couch with her, play her this song and sing it to her. I get done and she just doesn’t say a word.  Deafening silence….

This week I had the pleasure to have Brandon and Ben from My Body Sings Electric out on the patio.  I was excited about this one as MBSE was one of the first bands that stood out as being towards the top of the music scene pyramid when I first arrived in Denver years ago.

My Body Sings Electric is the very definition of a driven, focused, career oriented band.  They have not only embraced the DIY spirit, they have proven that determination, thoughtfulness and hard work really do pay off.  They also have shown what a band can really achieve all on their own…charting on Billboard, touring nationally, playing sold out shows and building huge fanbases all without a single label release.

Listen above as we talk playing in a drumline, the movie Drumline, photos with Lynard Skynard, developing the sound you want, learning from other bands and much, much more!

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