Behind The Scene Episode 17 – Jim Norris (3Kings, Mutiny Information Cafe, Dink Comic & Art Expo)

The Governor, Roy Romer used to come in all the time and order this ridiculous fuckin milkshake drink you know, called the Polar Bear.  And he’d order like a cinnamon stick.  He was always a dick…a total dick…

I can think of no better guest to close out 2015 than Jim Norris.  This podcast is about the people that make the scene and Jim embodies that very thought in every aspect of his fascinating life.

Living by a simple but often overlooked goal to “live an interesting life”, Jim sets an example for us to strive to live by.  He has built a career/life based on supporting local and independent art.  From opening a fresh and locally focused 3 Kings to buying out Mutiny Information Cafe to starting up the Dink Comic and Art Expo, Jim has personally helped countless bands, comedians, writers and artists develop their craft right here in Denver.

Listen above as we talk about living the life you want, starting businesses you are passionate about, booking bands face to face in a digital world, douchey Governors, Jim’s recent decision to part ways with 3Kings and much much more!

This episode was graciously sponsored by Renegade Brewing Company!  Visit their taproom on 9th and Santa Fe or pick up their wonderful assortment of beer at any local liquor store.

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