Behind The Scene Episode 19 – Julie Davis (Musician – Bluebook, Fairchildren, Nathaniel Rateliff)

I said, I’m gonna do this again….I’m going to go back to before I even met those guys and like, reclaim something that I lost and own it and be a solo artist again.

This week I had Julie Davis on the patio.  Julie has been in critical circles within Denver music for quite sometime.  With projects including Bluebook, Bela Karoli, Fairchildren, Miss America by Wheary, The Seven Hats and of course Nathaniel Rateliff, Julie has experienced the entire spectrum of independent music from playing solo in coffee shops to playing to thousands on national tours.

Armed with a double bass, sparse yet highly effective percussion, and haunting melodies, Julie’s first and also reborn/current project Bluebook is a wonderful and unique offering to this already diverse Denver scene.

Julie’s story is one of a constant and evolving search of self.  How do we define ourselves?  Are we defined by what we do for a career?  Is it our family and friends?  Are our past experiences to trump our future uncertainties or is it the other way around?  Julie let’s us in on her life’s tale which walks through the path of these fundamental human questions.

The song for this episode is of course from Bluebook.  It is called Carnage and was recorded live by Morning Sound during the October 30th, 2015 Sofar Denver show.

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This episode was graciously sponsored by Renegade Brewing Company!  Visit their taproom on 9th and Santa Fe or pick up their wonderful assortment of beer at any local liquor store.

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