Behind The Scene Episode 21 – Scott Labarbera

I was gone.  I was just, hiding in my basement, depressed, for 3 to 6 months.  I was just like, so mentally fried.

This week I had Scott Labarbera on the patio.  Scott is the owner and operator of Tennyson District’s Oriental Theater (one of my personal favorite venues in Denver). Under Scott‘s wing, The Oriental has become a staple of live music and comedy in Denver and is one of the few remaining privately owned and operated theaters in town.

Scott‘s story is one of determination and resilience.  He shares with us his fascinating tale of what it took to walk away from a successful business in search of creative fulfillment.  He talks of the highs, the lows and every bit in-between that one experiences in their pursuit of happiness.

Personally, I get inspired by people like Scott, people that are willing to risk it all in order to search for something more in life.

The song for this episode is from the band Paper Bird (who are good friends with The Oriental Theater) and is called As I Am, from their album Rooms.

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This episode was graciously sponsored by Renegade Brewing Company!  Visit their taproom on 9th and Santa Fe or pick up their wonderful assortment of beer at any local liquor store.

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