Behind The Scene Episode 25 – Megan Burtt (Singer-Songwriter)

“So much in my life is just about a namesake.  If I had a band name…my whole life would be different.  Somehow the name changes everything because you’re not a band.  You’re a hired gun.”

In today’s world, making a living making art can be extremely difficult. With the fact that album sales alone will rarely be enough to sustain most artists alone, it’s imperative that artists start thinking outside the box and experimenting with different ways to make this passion something that is sustaining.

In this episode, Megan Burtt schools us all on that very topic.  From playing in piano bars in Vietnam, touring prisons in Pennsylvania, to crafting and selling custom guitar straps or diving into commissioned songcraft, Megan Burtt has always found a way to move forward.

Listen above as we talk about her history in music, taking a dive on college entrance exams, Mississippi dreams, life changing illnesses, being in a band, watching stabbings and riots happen at your show and oh, just so much more!

The song for this episode is called Spin and is available on Megan’s latest album, ‘The Bargain’.

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